Preparedness for Mass Gathering Events   6/15/2016

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Security experts said there's no question the Columbus Division of Police is doing everything in its power to keep people safe along the parade route.

10TV traveled the parade route that begins at City Hall and ends at Goodale Park. 

Jeff Podracky, the Chief Operating Officer of Armada, a company that specializes in security and preparedness, joined us along the route.

He said police have the arduous task of troubleshooting every potential threat along the way, but he said it’s up to everyone to help keep the event safe.

"Nothing beats human intelligence. Nothing beats your gut feeling,” Podracky insisted.

Columbus Police said parade-goers will see a visible police and presence and undercover police officers will blend in on the streets looking for suspicious behavior.

Podracky gives the example of someone lugging an overstuffed backpack they're not using.

"Over the course of an hour, or two hours, I'm near this person with this backpack...they've never gone into the backpack?  Well, if I have so much stuff in a backpack but I never access should cause some kind of concern,” Podracky said.  

The security expert said its likely bomb sniffing dogs will search the parade route, but he said it's up the crowd to notice when someone's behavior seems unusual. 

Podracky cautions it's difficult to defend against someone who is willing to die to carry out a diabolical mission.

"Law enforcement is going to do everything in their power to prevent things, but God forbid something does go wrong, everybody out here has got to take charge of their own life, their families, have a plan,” he said.

Parade organizers estimate a crowd between 200,000 and 300,000 people

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