Hacking blamed for emergency sirens blaring across Dallas early Saturday | Dallas | Dallas News   4/21/2017

A growing trend we are seeing is the attack of local emergency management agencies that are exploiting the systems that we are relying on to keep us safe. This story out of Dallas, Texas is another example. We continue to deal with clients that are concerned with information assurance. As a benefit to all, here are the 5 pillars of information assurance as described by US-CERT:

Confidentiality - A property that information is not disclosed to users, process, or devices unless they have been authorized to access the information.

Integrity - The property whereby information, an information system, or a component of a system has not been modified or destroyed in an unauthorized manner.

Availability - The property of being accessible and usable upon demand. 

Non-repudiation - A property achieved through cryptographic methods to protect against an individual or entity falsely denying having performed a particular action related to data.

Authentication - The process of verifying the identity or other attributes of an entity (user, process, or device).


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