ARMADA named to 10 Most Promising Homeland Security Solution Providers   1/4/2018

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An experienced corporate security executive and retired Lieutenant Colonel from the United States Marine Corps Reserve, ARMADA president Tom Foos knows the quintessence of security and preparedness. Foos says, “although it’s likely oversimplifying it, ‘security’ is protection and mitigation (technologies, policies, producers, equipment), whereas ‘preparedness’ is prevention and response (plans, training, exercises, after action reports and improvement plans).” ARMADA’s 360-degree approach includes cost-effective cyber and physical security measures coupled with site-specific preparedness that have minimal impact on the organization’s daily operations. The goal of this 360-degree approach is protection of the client’s people, infrastructure, information, and reputation.

One of the most troubling trends organizations struggle with today is the insider threat. “A trusted person within the organization turns into a bad actor,” he says. Grievances and greed usually motivate bad actors to harm an organization’s critical data, assets, or employees. From Foos’ perspective, the good news is that insiders often exhibit certain behaviors or warning signs before they carry out malicious acts. Cultivating a CIO’s ability to recognize these indicators, assess them and respond proactively means the organization can prevent many insider incidents. “In almost every case where someone has executed some destructive action against an organization, there were indicators that, if acted upon appropriately, could have prevented the incident.”

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