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01.09.06  Robert Schaffer

Leadership Excellence - Development is a full-time job

This article describes how Avery Dennison yielded over $50 million in new revenues in their first year of using rapid-cycle projects to develop leadership capabilities.


Develop Leaders Through Results Achievement

This chapter urges those responsible for developing leaders to ask managers to strive for and achieve tangible results and shows how these results-driven experiences can be designed into formal training programs as well.


Challenge for Leaders: You Can Make it Happen! Will You?

Producing Rapid Results while building long-term capacity for change, in the context of longer-term visions and strategies, is the challenge we have laid out for executives in this book.


Development and Results Go Hand in Hand

HR professionals can add value to an organization by focusing on organizational results as a key measure of their own success.


04.18.05  Ron Ashkenas

Interview with Katie Beavan: Learning to Lead Can Lift a Career

The ability to guide projects provides management opportunities for those who'll stretch themselves.


12.06.04  Nadim Matta

Improving Project Results: Operating 'Below-the-Line' To Produce Real Value

Project teams and their sponsors rarely acknowledge the risk that their project's outcomes will not translate into the intended benefits to the organization. How can you keep a project on track for real results?


04.12.04  Robert Schaffer

Results-Fueled Leadership Development

This article describes how to make bottom-line organization achievement a centerpiece of leadership development, rather than relying on classroom project activities to develop leaders.


Leadership Development on the Job

Who has time to send senior managers off on leadership retreats anymore? Make them learn by doing.


General Electric's Leadership WorkOut

It's not news that GE is one of the world's most successful and admired companies, renowned for its consistently outstanding financial performance and for the quality of its people and operations. It wasn't always like that. In this article, you will learn the ori…


Freeing Managers to Innovate

Most managers have much more potential for influencing progress than they dare to use. This Siemens program shows what is possible when managers have confidence that they can venture beyond their self-imposed limits.