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05.09.05  Keith Michaelson

Results in 100 Days

An electric utility wants to improve its service and reduce customer complaints. So, it assembles a team of employees from a range of areas and trains them in six-sigma analytical techniques.


04.18.05  Ron Ashkenas

Interview with Katie Beavan: Learning to Lead Can Lift a Career

The ability to guide projects provides management opportunities for those who'll stretch themselves.


12.06.04  Nadim Matta

Improving Project Results: Operating 'Below-the-Line' To Produce Real Value

Project teams and their sponsors rarely acknowledge the risk that their project's outcomes will not translate into the intended benefits to the organization. How can you keep a project on track for real results?


12.02.04  Suzanne Francis

Raising the Odds for M&A Results and Success

Whether acquiror or acquiree, the radical shifts required to make a merger or integration pay off are enormous and the pace at which they are carried out is the key to success.


09.13.04  Robert Neiman

Attention HR: Managers Need Help

Human resource professionals could sit around, hoping to come up with that big idea that will get them to the boardroom table. This article details a less idealistic path, but one that is much more likely to succeed.


Build Your Own Change Model

Every organization is unique. Leaders can adopt ideas for corporate transformation that have worked elsewhere, but they need to create their own one-of-a-kind change model through experimentation, learning, blueprint creation, and, most of all, a strong focus on re…


04.12.04  Robert Schaffer

Results-Fueled Leadership Development

This article describes how to make bottom-line organization achievement a centerpiece of leadership development, rather than relying on classroom project activities to develop leaders.


Why Good Projects Fail Anyway

This article offers a way to design projects that guards against unnecessary failure.


09.15.03  Robert Neiman

Get More Mileage From IT Investments

When it comes to maximizing the value of IT investments, companies need to shift from a mindset of simply "installing technology" to one of "creating business payoff".


WorkOut and Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a proven and highly effective business initiative for improving customer satisfaction and increasing the efficiency of processes. WorkOut is a process for bringing together large numbers of people to improve business performance.