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10.07.13  Robert Schaffer

To De-Humdrumify Work Make the Job a Game!

Almost every job can be designed to be more exciting, challenging, and celebratory. Use a game strategy to make your organization more valuable -- and more fun. This article will help you get started.


09.08.13  Matthew McCreight

Hospitals Could Provide Better Care by Innovating Like Businesses

This article describes how hospitals can use the same methods as companies such as GE and Cisco to better pursue innovation opportunities and create a process for innovation that aligns with the hospital system's priorities and culture.


09.02.13  Ron Ashkenas

The Hidden Side of Complexity

Many in the business world have a tendency to make things more complex than they need to be, when simple solutions are faster, less expensive and often more desirable. It is up to individuals to break the cycle of complexity.


How to Spark Culture Change

Changing employees' behaviors can be hard without the proper guidance and incentives. To produce high-value and sustainable change, use a balanced pull-push strategy to drive cultural and behavioral shifts.


For Successful EHR Implementation Focus on the People, Not the Technology

Realizing the full value of electronic health records (EHR) is truly a people-centric mission. This article offers five instrumental strategies for making engagement a catalyst for EHR success.


You're Fired: An Interview with Ron Ashkenas

Companies cannot afford to keep underperforming employees around – but the firing process can be complicated and emotionally charged. Here is how to do it right.


Takeovers Don't Have to be Hostile: Reducing the Risk of Culture Clash in M&As

Despite the lessons of countless case studies, failure to consider the cultural compatibility of integrating companies remains a common pitfall.


Listen Up, Power Down: How Leaders Drive Culture Change

Learn how leaders can use their emotional intelligence to be more effective communicators in today's technology-driven world.


Are You Really Ready for Disruptive Innovation?

We all know innovation is a powerful competitive advantage. But disruptive innovation actually changes the existing business model. To succeed, a leader must really let go and allow the process to flow. Find out if you and your organization are ready.


04.21.13  Hannah Prevett

Keep it Simple, Like the House Jack Built at GE

When Jack Welch was boss of GE, the giant American conglomerate, he extolled the virtues of “speed, simplicity and self-confidence”. Businesses are now realizing why he put such an emphasis on encouraging simplicity.