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Are Banks Too Big to Manage?

Smaller is not necessarily better when it comes to banks. What makes banks so difficult is not their size, but the level of complexity that envelops so many of them. This article offers three approaches to simplify processes, products, and services.


12.05.12  Matthew McCreight

Are You Diving Into the Deep End of Your Talent Pool During M&A

Though talent is usually at the top of the list of strategic objectives at the start of a merger, it rarely is still there at the end. This article describes different ways to not only keep that top talent, but to use a merger as an opportunity to multiply talent.


11.09.12  Ron Ashkenas

Mining Effeciency at Voorspoed Mine

Under the guidance of a South African consultant mentored by us, De Beers used Schaffer's Rapid Results approach at its Voorspoed mine to increase its mining efficiency by 12% over a 100-day period.


08.15.12  Wes Siegal

From Regulator to Business Enabler: Use Employee Communications to Re-Position Your Compliance Function

By keeping communications relevant to employees and activities, and positioning compliance as a critical enabler of organizational purpose, compliance leaders can help employees across the value chain support and implement compliance requirements.


M&A Payback in 100 Days

Learn how focusing on the transformation of the organization, gaining commitment from the leadership team, and developing a culture of breakthrough performance can create a new company that is more competitive, capable, and successful than either company could have…


Results-Driven Innovation

This paper introduces the process of ‘Results-Driven Innovation’ as a complement to existing innovation management methods. The process is illustrated with six cases targeting different types of innovation.


06.14.12  Daniel Dworkin

How to Ask Questions Like Socrates

This article gives you four tactics helpful in sharpening your question-asking capabilities.


Lessons of Scale: Large Deals by Large Companies

Lessons of Scale: Large Deals by Large Companies analyzes and illustrates the key lessons to be learned from major M&A activity in large companies. The article takes an organization development perspective and examines the role leaders can take.


05.07.12  Wes Siegal, Evan Smith

Streamlining Pharmaceutical Portfolios: Cutting the Gordian Knot

In this article, you'll learn how one global pharmaceutical company overcame deep-set resistance, cultural legacies and organizational barriers in order to systematically remove low-value products from its portfolio.


How to Design Leadership Development for Immediate Gains

Learn how Ascom, a global Swiss-based communications company, took steps to transform leadership development from a cost to a profit center in the annual budget.