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Develop Leaders Through Results Achievement

This chapter urges those responsible for developing leaders to ask managers to strive for and achieve tangible results and shows how these results-driven experiences can be designed into formal training programs as well.


Challenge for Leaders: You Can Make it Happen! Will You?

Producing Rapid Results while building long-term capacity for change, in the context of longer-term visions and strategies, is the challenge we have laid out for executives in this book.


Mobilize Large Numbers of People in Change

Rapid-cycle projects, even if somewhat modest to begin with, can quickly be turned into powerful engines for accelerating change.


The Potential is There to Respond

In certain emergency and “must-do” situations in organizations, rapid results occurs spontaneously in an awe-inspiring way.


Georgia-Pacific Takes It All the Way

The essential message of this book is that rapid-cycle projects yield not only immediate and rewarding gains, but can also serve as the foundation for very far-reaching transformations.


Rapid Results Spark Strategic Momentum

The power of Rapid Results goes beyond the effective implementation of strategy.


A Thousand Cures - Which One is Right?

Like a broken record, business authors, journalists, government leaders, and economists continue to warn that the pace of change is accelerating, and that managers need to move faster.


Development and Results to Hand in Hand

HR professionals can add value to an organization by focusing on organizational results as a key measure of their own success.


05.09.05  Keith Michaelson

Results in 100 Days

An electric utility wants to improve its service and reduce customer complaints. So, it assembles a team of employees from a range of areas and trains them in six-sigma analytical techniques.


04.18.05  Ron Ashkenas

Interview with Katie Beavan: Learning to Lead Can Lift a Career

The ability to guide projects provides management opportunities for those who'll stretch themselves.