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Look beyond customer acquisition to unlock the value of healthcare system integration

Trends toward healthcare consolidation are likely to continue for some time; however, too often integrations that improve health outcomes, patient experience, and the total cost of care remain all too rare. Learn how a more holistic and results-focused approach to …


'Action learning on steroids' may be the key to leadership development

You've heard that actions speak louder than words, now hear why "action learning" is disrupting the $350 billion leadership development industry.


10.10.16  Daniel Dworkin

Why Conscious Businesses are More Innovative

These major success stories show how conscious business drives innovation – and profit.


4 Ways for Investors to Spot Conscious Companies

Real differentiators between companies nowadays are culture, purpose, and mission. Understanding this new environment is critical for companies who want new investors. Conscious capitalism is the name of the game. This article shows investors where and how to deter…


10.28.14  Daniel Dworkin

Five Alignment Myths and Why Busting Them Matters

Most leaders want their teams to be aligned. The problem is that the term "alignment" means different things to different people. This article addresses each aspect of alignment and offers suggestions to help you ensure alignment in your organization.


For Successful EHR Implementation Focus on the People, Not the Technology

Realizing the full value of electronic health records (EHR) is truly a people-centric mission. This article offers five instrumental strategies for making engagement a catalyst for EHR success.


Takeovers Don't Have to be Hostile: Reducing the Risk of Culture Clash in M&As

Despite the lessons of countless case studies, failure to consider the cultural compatibility of integrating companies remains a common pitfall.


Listen Up, Power Down: How Leaders Drive Culture Change

Learn how leaders can use their emotional intelligence to be more effective communicators in today's technology-driven world.


Are You Really Ready for Disruptive Innovation?

We all know innovation is a powerful competitive advantage. But disruptive innovation actually changes the existing business model. To succeed, a leader must really let go and allow the process to flow. Find out if you and your organization are ready.


06.14.12  Daniel Dworkin

How to Ask Questions Like Socrates

This article gives you four tactics helpful in sharpening your question-asking capabilities.