Markus Spiegel

Markus Spiegel

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Markus Spiegel is passionate about Schaffer Consulting's 'Results Orientation' and helping our clients to transform their businesses with tangible and sustainable results. His recently-completed PhD thesis, “Organizational Innovation and Change in a Dynamic and Complex World”, focuses on helping organizations to master the challenges that come with fast changing and complex environments by applying a complex adaptive systems perspective.

Markus' professional experience includes working in the automotive and financial service industry. Prior to joining Schaffer Consulting, Markus performed two different roles within the BMW Group. He was part of the In-house Consulting and Process Team as well as the International Remarketing Team.

Markus was instrumental in introducing the WorkOut methodology at BMW Financial Services. His primary responsibility was to design, plan, and execute WorkOut sessions across the globe. He worked in various European countries, South Africa, the U.S., and Singapore. Markus' work helped to reduce process times over 50%, opened new sales channels and processes within 100 days, and increased 'take up rates' of potential contract leads. With BMW's International Remarketing team, his work included strategy development and implementation, as well as working with local teams to analyze and improve their process and utilization of best practices.

For Schaffer, Markus has worked with clients such as ASCOM, Bayer Schering Pharma, BMW, HSBC, ING, Iberdrola USA, Lloyds, Marsh, Merck, Skandia International, and Zurich Financial Services.

Markus holds a PhD from the University of Liechtenstein. As part of his studies he lectured with his professor on principles of management, technology entrepreneurship, leadership and organization, as well as project management. Markus also holds a Magister (equivalent to an MA) in International Business Administration and Economics from the Innsbruck University School of Management. As part of the international program, he spent one year at the A.B. Freeman School of Business of Tulane University where he concentrated on Management and Organizational Behavior as well as Finance Studies.



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