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Considering the Sale of Your Company? Secrets to Success

Executives contemplating a company sale can lift company performance in ways that deliver significantly stronger multiples when it comes time to close the deal.

Your Strategy Won’t Work if You Don’t Identify the New Capabilities You Need

Strategic planners and senior executives either assume that if a strategy is logical, people will figure out what to do, or they develop a “paint by numbers” approach. Neither extreme works well. If leaders want their company to sustain critical changes the strateg…

10.26.17  Robert Schaffer

All Management Is Change Management

Managers have begun to view change as an extraordinary event that must be dealt with using change management techniques and special skills. However, the job of management has always involved defining what changes need to be made and seeing that those changes take p…

07.26.17  Patrice Murphy

Surviving M&A: A Personal Roadmap

There is almost nothing written about how to survive M&A as an individual – until now. Here are some practical tips for how to navigate the turmoil of a merger or acquisition and emerge with your career and psyche intact.

06.15.17  Ron Ashkenas

How to Handle Underperformers on a Team You Inherit

Creating the expectation for high performance and doing what’s necessary to help your team be successful is a critical skill for anyone managing others. Many new managers are concerned about the optics of handling underperforming team members.

04.17.17  Matthew McCreight

Reflections on "What Can Women Learn from Effective Male Leaders"

Participation of women in the labor force has increased over 27 percent since 1978, but women still fill only 4 percent of CEO positions among the S&P500.

04.07.17  Ron Ashkenas

Didn't Get That Promotion? Three Reasons Why You Should Thank Your Boss

Sometimes disappointment offers new opportunities. Learn three ways to overcome losing that promotion.

03.24.17  Jonathan Stearn

How to Achieve Sustainable Organic Growth and Overcome Complex Challenges

When tackling complex business challenges it is often impossible to know at the beginning what solutions will work. These require a “project management plus” approach. Learn how to create expectations, drive accountability, and monitor performance in a different wa…

03.13.17  Markus Spiegel

Three Ways To Strengthen Your Firm’s Innovation Capacity: Allow for rapid trial and error

Many leaders blame the economic environment for inhibiting innovation. The real problem is that both large and small firms struggle to make innovation happen because they tend to apply too narrow a perspective on innovation, which self-limits their opportunity spac…

02.21.17  Ron Ashkenas

Warning To The White House: Lack Of Dissent Usually Leads To Dysfunction

We know from years of research that diversity, both in background and thought, leads to better problem solving and creativity. What are the repercussions if criticism and constructive conflict is not valued, and is actually punished?