Doing Both - Ron Ashkenas adds his praise

Doing Both - Ron Ashkenas adds his praise



Ron Ashkenas, Managing Partner, RHS&A,  was pleased to add his praise, along with Jeff Immelt, Clay Christensen, Ram Charan, and Gary Hamel  and others, to Inder Sidhu's recent book: Doing Both, How Cisco Captures Today's Profit and Drives Tomorrow's Growth.

"Managers are always faced with choices between attractive alternatives that appear to be mutually exclusive. For many of these situations, Inder Sidhu proves a different answer: Do both -- and reap the benefits not only of multiple pathways, but also of the creative tension between them. Cisco provides a powerful proof point for this simple but profound way of thinking; but it's a message that has relevance for any organization that wants to succeed in today's complex business world"

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