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08.17.11  Matthew McCreight

Events: Schaffer Consulting Presents Inaugural Award for the Academy of Management's Best Paper in Applied International Management

Schaffer Consulting is the proud sponsor of The Robert H. Schaffer Award for the best paper in Applied International Management. The award was created to honor the work of Robert H. Schaffer, a distinguished leader and innovator in the management consulting industr…

09.15.10  Robert Schaffer

Schaffer Consulting Publishes Eleventh HBR Article

With the world changing rapidly around them, managers spend lot a lot of their time making sure they keep up or get ahead. And yet, despite all this preoccupation with change, there are some self-limiting patterns into which many managers are locked. I describe the…

03.16.10  Ron Ashkenas

The Problem with Priorities

Setting a limited number of priorities, and sticking to them, is one of the most difficult challenges facing managers today. Many feel that everything was important and nothing could be dropped without serious consequences. By not clarifying the few key priorities,…


A New Role for the CIO: Reducing Complexity

by Ron Ashkenas Most technology organizations today are under pressure to provide greater value with smaller budgets. To meet this challenge, CIOs and other senior IT leaders can use complexity reduction as a key strategy to reduce costs and create an organization …


Give Thanks -- To Your Employees

11:47 AM Tuesday November 24, 2009 by Ron Ashkenas When Thanksgiving was established as a national holiday in 1942 by President Roosevelt and Congress, it solidified a tradition of presidential "declarations of thanksgiving" going back to Washington. While some of …


Seven Sins of Delegating

MANAGEMENT November 3, 2009 Seven Sins of Delegating Just because your CEO is uncomfortable making tough demands on you, it doesn't mean you shouldn't take the initiative on your own By Ron Ashkenas Most senior executives expect their superiors to be adept at deleg…

09.14.09  Ron Ashkenas

How You Can Help Prevent the Next Lehman

As the world has become more and more interconnected, the impact of booms and busts are amplified and reverberate around the globe. Economic issues are now as contagious as a flu pandemic, which is perhaps why the meltdown of 2008 seemed more severe and dangerous …

08.04.09  Ron Ashkenas

7 Deadly Sins of Delegating

We all complain about complexity in organizations, but sometimes we cause that complexity ourselves through unconscious but counter-productive management actions. They key to becoming more effective is to realize that most people actually want to be challenged and …