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Why You Should Fire Yourself

Ron Ashkenas' blog post on Harvard Business Review 10:31 AM Wednesday December 30, 2009 When management changes were announced at General Motors earlier this month, most people focused on the firing of CEO Fritz Henderson and his replacement by Chairman Ed Whitacre…


Restrict My Choices, Please

Ron Ashkenas' blog post on Harvard Business Review 11:30 AM Tuesday December 22, 2009 I don't know about you, but to me the holiday shopping process can be overwhelming. No matter what gift category you want to consider, there are dozens of physical and web-based c…


Government Health Care: Like the Postal Service?

Ron Ashkenas' blog post on Harvard Business Review 11:47 AM Thursday December 10, 2009 Buried in the news reports of the past two weeks, with hardly any fanfare or attention, was a report by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) that it lost $3.8 billion in fiscal year 20…


Of Goldman Sachs, the Yankees, and Level Playing Fields

3:06 PM Friday November 20, 2009 by Ron Ashkenas Have you noticed that the two most successful teams in New York City both engender passionately mixed emotions of admiration and contempt?One team is the New York Yankees, the storied baseball franchise that just won…


Why Budgeting Drives Us Crazy

10:32 AM Thursday October 22, 2009 by Ron Ashkenas Now that we are into the fourth quarter of 2009, many companies are deep into their budgeting process for 2010. Unfortunately for some of us, this budget process started many months ago and will continue for many m…


Health Care Reform Through an M&A Lens

8:59 AM Thursday November 12, 2009 by Ron Ashkenas Here's a completely different perspective on the pending passage of a health care reform bill: If the U.S. government were a corporation, the new healthcare "division" would represent a major acquisition. This divi…


Can We Simplify Financial Regulation?

8:50 AM Friday November 6, 2009 by Ron Ashkenas There's a common saying that you never pay attention to your electricity provider unless the lights don't come on. Well, it's the same thing with the various regulatory systems throughout the world. For the most part,…


Workplace Flexibility

RHS&A is co-sponsoring a breakfast in London on November 12. This is an opportunity to hear more about The BOLD Initiative directly from Bea Fitzpatrick, Founder, President, and CEO. The BOLD Initiative is a non-profit organization which has identified somethin…


The Three Cs of Simplicity

Have you ever heard the expression: "The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing"? I thought of this phrase recently when I got caught in a construction bottleneck on the Whitestone Bridge. It wasn't that construction was unusual ...

09.14.09  Ron Ashkenas

How You Can Help Prevent the Next Lehman

As the world has become more and more interconnected, the impact of booms and busts are amplified and reverberate around the globe. Economic issues are now as contagious as a flu pandemic, which is perhaps why the meltdown of 2008 seemed more severe and dangerous …