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02.06.13  Ron Ashkenas

Are You Really Ready for an Acquisition?

Are acquisitions part of your company's growth plan? Odds are the answer is yes. In the first half of 2012, thousands of merger and acquisition deals were announced globally, worth more than $900 billion. And this was a slow year. Predictions are that 2013 will be …

01.22.13  Ron Ashkenas

Compromise Requires Relationships (Not Friendships)

To work out differences and get things done, people in organizations need to work together. To foster this kind of collaboration, managers need to develop personal relationships – and some amount of trust – with potential partners.

01.14.13  Ron Ashkenas

Don’t Just Bash HR – Help it Succeed

In today’s business environment, recruitment, retention, and development of human capital are critical success factors for almost any organization. Yet the function charged with helping line managers leverage their human capital – Human Resources – is often regarde…

01.08.13  Ron Ashkenas

Jump-Start Your Company Goals

The turning of the calendar is a time for reflection and resolution; when we think about what we learned in the past year and want to do differently in the next. It's a healthy process for each of us as individuals, and also as managers and stewards of organization…

10.31.12  Ron Ashkenas

Innovation is Everyone's Job

To what extent are you responsible for innovation in your company? The reality is that unless they’re in research or product development, most people in organizations don’t think of themselves as innovators. In fact, many managers discourage their people from inven…

10.10.12  Ron Ashkenas , Nadim Matta

How Social Innovation Is Helping Homeless Veterans

Creative approaches that businesses use to develop new products can also be channeled toward solving long-standing and intractable social issues. A case in point is the recent effort to house chronically homeless veterans in the U.S., as thousands of soldiers retur…

09.18.12  Ron Ashkenas

Take Accountability for Your Own Success

Everyone needs to take accountability, to see themselves as part of the solution on the field rather than a distant observer in the stands. The reality is that the most effective organizations engage in continual (and sometimes brutally candid) dialogue — across le…

09.10.12  Robert Schaffer

Make the Job a Game

Most working people can be highly enthusiastic about all sorts of things in their lives yet go to work with no sense of enthusiasm or fun. People love to play, but work for the most part isn't much fun. Learn how to help your employees come to life and get things d…

07.31.12  Ron Ashkenas

You Can Prevent Layoffs

When you strip away the fancy jargon, a successful business fundamentally makes more money than it spends. While managers can pull any number of levers to accomplish this, the one they most often choose reads: "Reduce Costs!" And perhaps the most common way they cu…

07.24.12  Ron Ashkenas

Ten Ways to Inhibit Innovation

Every company is looking for the magic formula that will produce breakthrough products and services. But a better starting point is to think about what gets in the way of innovation, especially in firms that already have lots of talented, creative, and motivated pe…