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Webinar Recap: 4 Conditions Innovation Leaders Create to Drive Results

How do leaders create the conditions for innovation to thrive? During Schaffer’s November 17 webinar, we continued to answer that question with insights from client experiences, results from our recent innovation survey, and reflections from a panel of experts.

11.24.15  Ron Ashkenas

To Lead Change, Explain the Context

Don't risk resistance and burnout in your employees – to keep people energized and willing to adjust, help them understand how the current focus connects with or builds upon the last set of strategic directions and imperatives. People need to know how to connect th…

11.23.15  Ron Ashkenas

Three Steps To Help Your Team Spend Time On The Right Things

Simplify and prioritize to find time for important initiatives. See how Cisco did so.

Your Innovation Team Shouldn’t Run Like a Well-Oiled Machine

Should your innovation team work more like an ant colony? Latest research by Ron Ashkenas and Markus Spiegel says yes. Learn why ants are a successful innovation model and how leaders can create the conditions to help their innovation teams thrive.

10.20.15  Ron Ashkenas

How To Overcome Your Resistance To Coaching

Everyone has something to learn, no matter how successful they’ve been in the past and how much potential they have for the future. Coaching is an investment, not a punishment.

10.06.15  Ron Ashkenas

To Get Things Done Look Beyond 'The Usual Suspects'

If your most trusted people are spread too thin, they won’t accomplish all that much. Learn how to expand your talent pool to get the actual results you want.

09.22.15  Ron Ashkenas

First-Time Managers, Don’t Do Your Team’s Work for Them

For many new managers, making the transition to training and coaching isn’t easy. Though it seems faster to do everything yourself, you can become quickly overwhelmed by an unmanageable workload. Learning to set boundaries – with your team, your peers, and your bos…

09.09.15  Ron Ashkenas

Jack Welch’s Approach to Breaking Down Silos Still Works

The boundaries that exist in organizations today – between managers and employees, customers and suppliers, and across functions and geographies – are still difficult to breach, despite all of our communications tools. In fact, they sometimes exacerbate this challe…

08.25.15  Ron Ashkenas

To Create An Innovation Company: Focus On Culture Instead Of Cash

Is it worth it to incentivize people to develop and implement new ideas? The debate rages. Financial incentives many not be all bad; however, creating an innovation-friendly culture gets better results. Find out how.

08.21.15  Ron Ashkenas

Give constructive feedback to make real change happen

When giving feedback to a client, you must gauge a client’s readiness to hear your message – and his or her openness to change, but also your own anxiety.