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10.02.14  Ron Ashkenas

How Thomson Reuters Is Creating a Culture of Innovation

It’s not easy for big companies to innovate. As Steve Blank, Clay Christensen, and many others have pointed out, once firms reach a certain size, most of their resources (and investment dollars) are rightly devoted to executing and defending their existing business…

09.22.14  Ron Ashkenas

Getting Past a Career Setback: An Example and a Test

Managers often think about their careers in terms of winning and losing. Winners ascend the corporate ladder and get the praise, recognition, bonuses, and top jobs. But what about those whose careers are sidetracked or derailed when passed over for a promotion?

A Test to Weed Out Consultants You Shouldn’t Hire

We’ve seen a lot of consulting “misses” over the years – polished management products and services that fail to achieve what the clients want. Often it’s because executives recruit their consultants the wrong way.

09.11.14  Ron Ashkenas

Why We're All Deluged With Too Much Work - And What To Do About It

One of the most persistent challenges that managers face these days is “initiative overload” – having too many projects on the plate and not enough time to get them done.

09.09.14  Ron Ashkenas

The Reason Your Team Won't Take Risks

Learn the four tactics to break out of a risk-averse culture and learn what risk-taking really means, what is acceptable, and what is not.

08.27.14  Ron Ashkenas

Rethinking the Meaning of Labor Day

Accept and embrace it: summer is almost over. After all, Labor Day is next week and doesn’t that mean it’s time to get back to work, stop going to the pool, and start planning winter vacation?

Four Ways To Develop A Better Strategic Plan

No great strategy was born without careful thought. That’s why the process of planning a strategy itself is an important vehicle for setting priorities, making investment decisions, and laying out growth plans.

07.31.14  Ron Ashkenas

Why Managers and HR Don’t Get Along

Human Resources (HR) people have four roles: administrative expert, employee advocate, strategic business partner, and change agent. In some cases, an HR person specializes in just one of these roles, but others may switch back and forth between the roles, and when…

07.24.14  Ron Ashkenas

Dealing With Denial Is A Team Sport

Great leaders tell it like it is. In other words, they focus on reality, no matter how painful or unpleasant it might be, and then figure out what to do about it.

07.01.14  Ron Ashkenas

Why Consultants Should Be Accountable For Results, Not Recommendations

When I recently asked a group of MBA students to define what it meant to them to be a consultant, they quickly rattled off phrases such as “trusted advisor,” “problem-solver,” “objective third party,” and “subject matter expert.”