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Considering the Sale of Your Company? Secrets to Success

Executives contemplating a company sale can lift company performance in ways that deliver significantly stronger multiples when it comes time to close the deal.

04.17.17  Matthew McCreight

Reflections on "What Can Women Learn from Effective Male Leaders"

Participation of women in the labor force has increased over 27 percent since 1978, but women still fill only 4 percent of CEO positions among the S&P500.

How To Succeed By 'Getting To No'

Sure it’s easier to just say “yes” in the short-term; but taking on an assignment that you don’t have the bandwidth for, or ones that will compromise other key goals, won’t make anyone feel good about you in the long run – and it won’t help your organization achiev…

Stop Trying to Please Everyone

Many of us are familiar with the concept of "Getting to Yes", but the more difficult challenge is “getting to no”. Learn how to set priorities – without alienating anyone — when there are conflicting demands on your time or on the time of your team.

02.28.12  Matthew McCreight

The New Imperative for Leadership - Simplicity.

Matthew McCreight's blog post on President & CEO February 28, 2012 Did you start today vowing to make your organization more complex? To make it harder for customers to connect with your company? To create frustration among your employees? The answer, of course…

08.17.11  Matthew McCreight

Events: Schaffer Consulting Presents Inaugural Award for the Academy of Management's Best Paper in Applied International Management

Schaffer Consulting is the proud sponsor of The Robert H. Schaffer Award for the best paper in Applied International Management. The award was created to honor the work of Robert H. Schaffer, a distinguished leader and innovator in the management consulting industr…

10.22.10  Matthew McCreight

In Practice: Schaffer Helps "Work Out" An Important Social Issue

High infant mortality rates, a grave issue facing many cities today, continue to present a host of complex challenges for local and state governments given the ever-changing face of the population and demands on an already overwhelmed system. Several months ago, th…

09.15.10  Matthew McCreight

Schaffer Consulting Re-fits for the Future

It's been a busy year for Schaffer Consulting. The company is moving into its 51st year and continues to make significant headway in developing effective solutions that ensure the success of large-scale organizational transformations for companies, such as, Bausch …