Protective Services



ARMADA offers a variety of services to protect your people, assets and information. ARMADA's veteran staff will help you identify the events that will negatively impact the financial, physical, or human capital of your organization. Proper planning will help ensure that your organization survives a critical incident and continues to grow.

High Value Product Escort

If your organization is tasked with the legal transportation of diamonds, currency, art work, pharmaceutical drugs, race horses or other high value asset, ARMADA can help plan and execute the movement, and ensure the “product” is transported safely, as outlined, on-time, and with-in budget.

Whether it is a low or high threat environment, ARMADA’s subject matter experts bring real-world and proven methodologies to our Clients. Our experience includes; resource allocation, logistics, route reconnaissance, surveillance, counter surveillance, asset tracking, training, equipment deployment, compliance assurance, intelligence gathering, event management, tactical capabilities, protection specialists, and budget monitoring.

Security Project Management

The ARMADA team consists of industry leaders in design, development, and overall security project management. ARMADA's staff has successfully overseen the development and construction of multi-million dollar security projects that include manufacturing plants, distribution sites, training facilities, office buildings, and military installations.

We will work closely with our customers to develop requests for proposals (RFP), review the submitted bids and ultimately assist in the selection of appropriate vendors. Additionally, we will diligently oversee the project to ensure all intrusion detection, CCTV, access control, barrier control, biometric devices, and force protection related systems are installed as outlined in the RFP, and within the prescribed budget and timeline. We can also assist you with managing existing security and monitoring contracts.

Technology Integration

The 21st century is the era of technology. Knowing which security technology can be integrated into an existing system, or knowing what system should be purchased to do what your existing system cannot, is difficult. Trying to make the correct choice is even more difficult when operating within constrained budgets and timelines.

ARMADA's staff has the experience and customer focus to assist your organization with selecting the proper security technology solution to effectively mitigate risk to your organization. Whether it is intrusion detection, CCTV, access control, barrier control, biometrics or another risk mitigation technology, we will help you make the right choice the first time.

Supply Chain Security

Manufacturers and distributors are facing new challenges with the transportation and security of their product due to new government policies, procedures and programs. Supply Chain Security has become an important component of business. Organizations with superior Supply Chain Security programs are better able to move product from the point of origin to the customer. The lack of an adequate Supply Chain Security program can significantly impact business. Corporations can lose millions of dollars if their product is forced to remain on a shipping dock or port of entry, or even worse yet, if the product is lost, stolen, or hijacked.

ARMADA can assist organizations in evaluating and enhancing their Supply Chain Security programs. Our staff has extensive experience in developing programs and protecting supply chain assets within industries such as, but not limited to:
- Retail
- Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
- Pharmaceutical Distribution
- Precious Gems, Stones, and Metals
- Department of Defense

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is the process, policies and procedures of restoring operations critical to your organization, including regaining access to data (records, hardware, software, etc.), communications (incoming, outgoing, toll-free, fax, etc.), workspace, key personnel or other organizational processes after a natural or human-induced disaster.

ARMADA can help your organization develop well-established and thoroughly tested disaster recovery plans which will increase your opportunity for a successful recovery of valuable records and assets.

Security & Intrusion Detection

ARMADA can assist your organization with making a cost-effective and appropriate decision with regard to which intrusion detection system to choose. ARMADA can also help identify at which locations to deploy the IDS system to best protect your company's information and networks.

Social Engineering & Logic Testing

Social engineering is the art of manipulating people into divulging confidential information. Logic / penetration testing is a method of evaluating the security of a computer / network system by simulating an attack. The goal of both the social engineering and logic testing is to identify potential vulnerabilities to the organization.

Since ARMADA is a comprehensive security solutions company, we not only can execute the social and logic testing, but we can also assist your organization with the development and implementation of mitigation steps that will eliminate and/or greatly reduce your organization’s vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability assessments are the equivalent of security reviews applied to your intellectual property and computer environment systems. ARMADA is equipped to conduct assessments at your organization as well as help develop a threat-vulnerability index which can be used to help identify areas that need to be protected. In collaboration with your local IT managers, we can establish an alert process in which appropriate individuals are made aware of vulnerabilities, exploit code, worms and viruses.

Computer Forensics & Data Recovery

ARMADA has the knowledge to help your organization identify the necessary resources needed to conduct computer forensics and data recovery in support of investigations and special projects.

Business Impact Analysis

A Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is an essential component of an organization's continuity of operation plan. A BIA outlines vulnerabilities and strategies for minimizing risk. ARMADA’s BIA results are typically outlined in a detailed business impact analysis report, which describes the potential risks specific to your organization.

By completing a BIA, ARMADA can help your organization identify costs linked to failures, such as loss of cash flow, replacement of equipment, salaries, and so on.

Executive / VIP Protection

With decades of experience, ARMADA's staff is ready to share their knowledge, expertise, and proven techniques. We offer a wide range of protection services which include; establishing or enhancing your company's executive protection program, or providing your executives and VIP's with the peace of mind and appropriate level of security. Whether it is a long term protection operation or a special event, ARMADA can provide unprecedented and professional protection to your executives, VIP's and their families. Our staff can help you be proactive in today's environment where a variety of threats, such as workplace violence, acts of terrorism or other potentially dangerous or deadly acts toward an organization's leadership are not uncommon.

Guard Force Management

ARMADA's guard force management experience ranges from proprietary to contract guard forces, and from supervising day-to-day security operations to special event security details. Additionally, we have a extensive experience in developing policies and procedures, post orders, and guidelines for single-post security details as well as multiple-post, multiple-shift security guard operations.

Special Event Security

ARMADA's special event security should be considered when your organization is hosting a shareholder's meeting, corporate reduction in force, corporate down-sizing, large conference, or an event in an environment that is unknown to your employees or personnel that will be attending. We will offer you the peace of mind that the environment in which the event is taking place is safe and secure, and that any emergency or situation will be handled quickly, professionally, and safely.

Witness Protection

Whether it is before, during or after a trial, ARMADA has the knowledge, skills and abilities to provide professional and discrete witness protection.

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