• To simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak. - Hans Hofmann

    Simplifying a business offers an unprecedented opportunity to take low value work out of the system as well as drive focus, drive down costs, and improve focus on real opportunities.

  • The next generation of innovation will combine start-up drive with established company resources.

    Learn simple tips for turning big companies
    into innovation factories.

  • "Are you ready to make a deal?"

    Schaffer Consulting's integration readiness assessment
    can help you make the most of your next acquisition.

  • Schaffer Consulting on Healthcare

    Partnering with leading healthcare institutions
    to address the most pressing issues.

What our Clients Say

The most beneficial results to come out of our teaming activities are the growth and development of our People. Employees from all across the workforce have an equal say in the goals and objectives of each team and ultimately learn about the whole business, not just their own department. This translates into the development of our future leadership.

- Scott Armstrong, Director of Strategic Business Processes, Boroo Gold

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