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Schaffer Consulting helps clients accelerate progress on their most important financial and strategic goals.  

We believe that every organization has untapped potential to perform at significantly higher levels. Our approach unlocks that capacity, helping organizations make rapid, measurable progress towards key priorities. And we are equally focused on helping teams develop growth-enabling capabilities, so the results they achieve in the near term have lasting impact.

Unlock organizational talent and capacity to generate breakthrough results and develop new capabilities

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

"The ‘small, tangible steps’ route to strategic breakthroughs is the only implementation strategy I know of that continually delivers dramatic results.”

Tom Peters, Author


Results: The Forgotten Element of Quality Programs

Confronted by either the need or desire to improve quality, managers revert to the same well-worn paths they have trod for other performance challenges.


Event: International Society for Professional Innovation Management

How can organizations that want to manage innovation strike the right balance between unfocused activity and bureaucratic micro-management?  Markus Spiegel, Jonathan Stearn, and Wes Siegal recent…


Simply Effective: How to Cut Through Complexity in Your Organization and Get Things Done

This must-read resource shows managers how to simplify structures, processes, products, and leadership behaviors to exact greater business results.