An All Hazards Planning Reminder   8/30/2016

The recent collision in Madison County, Ohio between a car and a tanker truck serves as an important reminder to conduct All Hazards planning. Planning for an Active Threat event has been the focus of many of our clients in recent years. During these projects, we continuously stress the importance of All Hazards Planning, for this very reason.

US 42 was closed Monday morning when a car and a tanker truck carrying hydroxylpropyl acrylate (a toxic and poisonous material that could have combusted) collided. The surrounding schools and businesses in the area put evacuations into place.

According to officials nothing hazardous spilled from the truck. However, it’s essential to note that the evacuations made by schools and businesses acted as their precaution to the combustible materials on the truck. This was the right decision to make, as it follows guidelines for an All Hazards plan.

We stress the importance of making sure to address all hazards that have the potential to affect you. From tornadoes to fires and hazardous material, it’s vital to have a set plan. There are several valuable sources where you can begin to identify the most likely hazards facing your school or business. Some of those sources are:

·       Knowledge of Historical events that have impacted your area

·       Risk Assessments completed by professionals

·       Contacting your local First Responder Community

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