ARMADA Client - SORTA - Wins National Security Award   5/12/2014

CINCINNATI– Metro has made history as the first mid-size transitsystem to receive top honors for both safety and securityfrom the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), an organizationrepresenting the transit industry for more than 100 years.

Metro received APTA’s GOLD Award for Safety and GOLD Award forSecurity at the APTA national Bus & Paratransit Conference in Kansas Citythis week:

·        GOLD Award for Safety:  Metro’s program to reduce distracted driving

·        GOLD Award forSecurity:  Metro’s 2013 full-scale emergencyexercise to test of crisis management response and plans, which was evaluatedby national and local emergency management experts

The APTA Bus Safety & Security Excellence Awards recognizetransit systems for their innovative and proactive programs dedicated toimproving safety and security. The top honor is the GOLD Award, which is givento the best overall programs selected by an independent panel of judges.Metro’s awards were in the category of mid-size transit systems providing morethan 4 million and fewer than 20 million annual rides. Metro provides 17million rides per year.

“We are honored to be the first transit agency to win both ofAPTA’s GOLD safety and security awards,” said Metro CEO Terry Garcia Crews.“Metro’s team works hard to ensure safety and security for our employees,passengers, and the public every day. We are very proud of this recognition forall our efforts.”

“The cutting edge innovation that takes place in publictransportation agencies across the country is leading the way to making a safeindustry even safer and more secure for riders and employees alike,” said APTAPresident and CEO Michael Melaniphy.

Metro is a tax-supported public service of the Southwest OhioRegional Transit Authority. Metro operates 356 buses, serving the City ofCincinnati and Hamilton County, with commuter service to Butler, Clermont andWarren counties

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